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How to identify ribbon manufacturer production ribbon material?

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  After decades of development, the ribbon industry, ribbon manufacturers ribbon mechanical equipment has been very mature and reliable, ribbon, in our daily life is very common, ribbon materials are diverse, nylon, polyester, cotton fiber, hemp fiber, etc., so how do consumers identify the ribbon manufacturers ribbon is what material?

How to identify ribbon manufacturer production ribbon material?

  Several warp and weft yarns of two unknown types of webbing were separated and burned respectively with a lighter. Some physical phenomena were observed during the combustion process to determine the raw materials of warp and weft yarns. During combustion, the flame, melting condition, smell and ash after combustion should be observed respectively.

  Nylon webbing: melting and shrinking near the flame, dripping and bubbling not directly after burning like celery flavor hard, round, light, brown to gray, beaded.

  Polyester webbing: near flame, melt, shrink and burn, drip and bubble can continue to burn, a few very weak smoke sweet hard round, black or light brown.

  Cotton fiber and hemp fiber: cotton fiber and hemp fiber are just near the flame that burns, burning quickly, the flame is yellow, blue smoke. The difference between the smell of burning and the ash after burning is that cotton burning gives off the smell of paper, while hemp burning gives off the smell of plant ash. After combustion, cotton has very little powder ash, black or gray, hemp produces a small amount of gray powder ash.

  The above is nylon woven belt, polyester woven belt, cotton fiber and hemp fiber woven belt in the use of combustion identification method, for your reference, there are these combustion related identification method to support your preliminary judgment of the material, generally can achieve accurate identification.