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Existing environmental protection ribbon competition

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  In most industries, the interests of enterprises are closely linked with each other. In the process of market competition, conflicts and confrontions are inevitable. These competitions are often reflected in price, advertising, product introduction, after-sales service, etc., and the intensity of competition is related to many factors.

  Ribbon industry has always been a low threshold, height of labor intensive industry, a large number of idle fund input and cottage industry to participate in, make the whole industry in just a few short years blowout capacity and excess capacity on the one hand, on the other hand the chaotic competition in the industry, most companies desperately trying to hold down prices reduced costs in order to survive, and the resulting negative effects, caused the market do not speak rules, many small short in weight, holding the quick money the idea of management, destroying the basic industry and market order, and lost the business ethics and rules, the markets into a piece of the red sea. As a matter of fact, disordered competition actually hurts the most enterprises themselves, and no enterprises have the heart to engage in management, technology and innovation, which also stagnates the further development of the industry.

Existing environmental protection ribbon competition

  Now this "barbaric industry form" has reached a bottleneck. Some of the country's policy moves are trying to turn things around. For example, the purpose of this round of environmental protection and reduction of production capacity is to eliminate enterprises that do not follow the rules, respect the market and recasting the market order. At the same time, the trend of increasing cost and price acceptance is obvious, and the strategy of low price will be gradually reduced. In my opinion, the integration of ribbon industry is accelerating at present, and the Matthew effect is obvious, the larger one will be larger. In the next 2-3 years, a large number of small-scale enterprises will go bankrupt, and the remaining ones are enterprises with scale and proper operation, and the competition in the industry will be more orderly. It is worth mentioning that in some product lines, with the development of technology and the innovation and improvement of upstream yarns, the manufacturers of functional epidemic hot style are more likely to appear.