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Distinguish between the elastic quality three steps

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  Elastic bands are very common in our daily life, and we are very familiar with them, but you may not know the quality of elastic bands. Here are three ways to teach you to distinguish the quality of elastic, with hebei guanglian xiaobian together to see!

Distinguish between the elastic quality three steps

  1, see the elastic foot, normal good elastic tension at least in the original length of 1.8 times ~2.8 times.

  2, look at the durability, the poor elastic bands is easy to use for a period of time will lose its elasticity. A good elastic belt takes more effort to reach its maximum length, while a bad one stretches easily. So we have to choose a stronger elastic belt will be more durable.

  3, see shrinkage, just bought the elastic soak in hot water for half an hour or so, shorten 8% of the length of the elastic is better.

  Through the above introduction, you understand? I hope you can use it when you're choosing an elastic band.