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How strong is the rubber band

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  Elastic belt is made of imported rubber root, good elasticity, not easy to deformation, repeated stretching can also maintain good elasticity. Can be used for knee protection, waist protection, clothing, mining lamp head cover, medical supplies. So what are the main elastic strengths of this tape?

How strong is the rubber band

  1, folded elastic belt: the middle pressure of the middle line, often used to wrap the edge.

  2. Reinforced elastic belt (adagio reinforcement) : it has strong elastic strength and is used for mobile phone bag.

  3, woven elastic belt: the degree of tightness is strong, often used for the pen inserted in the bag, the belt, etc.

  Twill elastic bands (monoclinic and double diagonal) : they are loose in tension and are often used in products with low requirements.


  The commonly used elastic band setting length is 36 yards, 48 yards, 50 yards, the thickness is 1.2mm, 1.4mm varies, the width is 3/8 ", 1/2 ", 5/8 ", 3/4 ", 7/8 ", 1 ".

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