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How to judge the quality of sideband

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Sideband is a kind of textile. Textile industry has always been an important part of China's economy. With the continuous development of economy, China's textile industry has made great progress. All kinds of textile products are becoming more and more exquisite and popular in the market. Among them, ribbon weaving products are widely used in apparel, shoe materials, bags and other industries and departments. If you want to buy side bands, be sure to choose good quality products. So, how to judge the quality of sideband? The following methods are worth learning from.

How to judge the quality of sideband

First, look at color

With naked eye can observe the color of sideband surface whether to have Yin and Yang color, color is uniform wait a moment, if color is not uniform, so it is very influential sideband adornment effect.

Second, to see whether the surface of the pilling ball

Both surfaces and sides of the sideband are free from pilling or filaments. If this is the case, it shows that the texture of the sideband is not good, performance will certainly be affected.

The 3rd, see whether to have jump needle, leakage needle circumstance

When buying to check jump needle, leakage needle, if the workmanship is not fine, such sideband is not worth the choice.

Fourth, look at environmental performance

Only environment-friendly products can be welcomed by people. If the material used in sideband is not environment-friendly or the processing technology is not environment-friendly, it is not recommended to choose. If the sideband surface is contaminated with oil, dye or dust, it can be discarded directly.

Anyhow, sideband is having important effect in our life, want to choose and buy sideband, the proposal goes to big manufacturer choose and buy high grade product, these a few methods can help everybody choose and buy good quality product above, undertake better thereby use.